By Marcus on 6. Oktober 2011 — 1 min read

Via Future of Storytelling Expert Series: a Conversation with Transmedia Creator Andrea Phillips bei Dan Hon gelandet. TEDxTransmedia 2010.  

What we need to recognize. When we reduce something. When we say if you just take the game mechanics and you add them to to your arbitrary business or your piece of entertainment that does not make it fun. That is like taking a painting by numbers course and comparing it to a Monnet…. Because there is an art to it. And that is the difference between play and games… Please for the love of god make it fun to play. 

Interessanter Gedanke am Ende. Wie hätte die transmediale Umsetzung für Amelie ausgesehen. TEDx Transmedia 2011 gab es auch. Gerade eben. Hier

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