The future of communication 

By Marcus on 1. August 2014 — 2 mins read

People in 21st century are on the move. They sit in trains, planes and cars. They spent their time at stations, terminals and lobbies. They leave and they arrive and then they leave again. Technology enables them to stay connected. As long as you have electricity and a working internet connection you are not alone. Yet the quality of the interconnection is rather shallow and dissatisfying.

You send Emojis, short text fragments, a selfie, a photo of your take-a-way lunch and then you talk and then you skype – but mainly stare at your own videostream and crosscheck your looks while various apps make various sounds to remind you of unread messages.The hugely succesful App „Yo“ – that only sends the two letters to a person you choose – basically illustrates this situation in a playful, yet cynical matter. This is a dead-end.

Thinkin Bout You 

Communication in the 21st century is technology driven but it does not necessarily rely on words, text or video. A variety of new and mostly sensor-based innovations try to enhance the communication between friends, family and loved ones. An app called Pairs has a feature called „thumb kiss“ – it vibrates when the couples touch the same spot on the screen even if they are thousands of miles apart. The Good Night Lamp by Designswarm shows your loved once when you decide to turn on or turn off a lamp – a non-verbal way of communicating that mainly says: I am thinking about you.

The transmission of thought to me is the most thrilling aspect of future communication. Affordable brain-machine interfaces are already available although they still lack that certain something. Right now thought-controll allows you to: take a picture, controll extra-ears made out of fur and you can let your drone fly around whenever you think so.

Imagine a handy and easy brain-interface that lets you communicate with your loved ones via thought. Darling could you please fetch some milk on your way home i just forgot to buy some, you think. Hey presto! He or she will buy the milk. Just because you thought so. Someone has a hard time? Support them by thinking about them. You do that anyhow – why not let them know. They might appreciate it.

You are miles away from the person you love. Just connect via the brain-interface. An unbelievable new way of communication without precedent. What about spam and noise, misuse and surveillance you say? Yes, we have to talk about all that as well. But first and foremost – let us imagine a world where serious, thoughtful and deep thinking about and together with each other is embraced, welcomed and tried out for the better.

Random thoughts for some sort of work in progress thingy

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