By Marcus on 22. Juni 2012 — 1 min read

The electronic age has given rise to what is now known as thousands of “Little Brothers,” who perform Internet surveillance by collecting information to form electronic profiles about a user not through human eyes or through the lens of a camera but through data collection….In fact, users are becoming so concerned about dataveillance that a booming industry has arisen that attempts to thwart the data collection….An identity associated with a principal is cloned to form a cloned identity…The actions are processed in order to pollute information gathered about the principal…the clone may be viewed as a “doppelganger”…(*)

… Techniques to pollute electronic profiling…It’s hiding in plain sight. It’s burying the needle in a stack of a thousand needles…to strengthen the likelihood that the cloned identity will be accepted by eavesdroppers as the principal. 

Mein Doppelganger muss ja noch so viel lernen @m_boesch2

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