By Marcus on 11. Mai 2011 — 1 min read

Odd Future has one female singer. The 18 year-old goes by the name of Syd the Kyd, and like Frank Ocean, she does not assault the microphone with vulgar absurdities like the rest of the young, eagerly controversial hip hop collective. Either way, Syd plays a crucial part of the group. She serves as Odd Future’s house DJ and engineer, and as Altered Zones points out, they never record without her (*) — Syd’s participation is particularly exceptional to me because her beats are what I respond to most favorably…I’m curious about how Syd conceptualizes her role, but I’d imagine asking her what it’s like to be a female producer within a predominantly male group is insulting to her for both personal and professional reasons (*) — Kids (*) —— More (*)

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