By Marcus on 20. Oktober 2011 — 1 min read

“Making predictions is hard. But it’s not impossible. I have read Ithiel de Sola Pool’s book ‘Forecasting the Telephone’ in which he looked at the many different consequences that experts were foreseeing when the telephone was in its early adoption stage, from 1876 to 1940. Some of the forecasts were quite accurate. For example one made in 1906 held that the telephone would facilitate the central management of political organizations and campaigns. One that was off the mark, also made in 1906, was that telephone mouthpieces would collect germs and spread disease, especially tuberculosis.” – Well done Philip Meyer! – One of the earliest examples of computer assisted reporting was in 1967, after riots in Detroit, when Meyer, on temporary assignment with the Detroit Free Press, used survey research, analyzed on a mainframe computer, to show that people who had attended college were equally likely to have rioted as were high school dropouts….Reading….

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