By Marcus on 16. Januar 2012 — 1 min read

Kollege Echterhoff bringt ein Windows Phone 7 mit. Hatte hier schon mal verkündet, recht angetan vom typo-basierten Design zu sein. Das iPhone daneben wirkt clunky und alt. Microsoft says that Metro is designed to be “sleek, quick, modern” and a “refresh” from the icon-based interfaces of Windows, Android and iOS. Metro is an internal code name for a typography-based design language created by Microsoft, originally for use in Windows Phone 7. Metro is based on the design principles of classic Swiss graphic design.

Engadget said, “Microsoft continues its push towards big, big typography here, providing a sophisticated, neatly designed layout that’s almost as functional as it is attractive.”CNET complimented the Metro design, saying, “it’s a bit more daring and informal than the tight, sterile icon grids and Rolodex menus of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Dem Nutzer das Gefühl geben, das User Interface sei ”alive” and responsive, with “an added sense of depth”. Macht Apple einfach immer so weiter mit den Icons? Khoi Vinh verweist auf das neue Portal Android Design: Google is trying to engender a design culture where, frankly, there isn’t much of one at the moment. Abbildung: Android nicht Metro.

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