By Marcus on 23. Oktober 2011 — 1 min read

Is certainly not about creating more products. It is, as Hungarian Biochemist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi also said about research, ‘to see what everyone else has seen, but think what nobody else has thought’. Innovation is, after all, about making things new (Lat. ‘Novare’) within themselves (Lat. ‘Inne’). It is re-cycling, re-using, ‘re-seeing’ the world; understanding what could be done with what is already there. Product creation is just the end effect. The future of innovation is, in fact, to become plain and ordinary – common sense.

Anja-Karina Pahl über Innovation. Das alles auf einer Seite zu einem Projekt von 2009. Re-cycled, re-used and re-seen hier und heute. Das langsam verschimmelnde Adjektiv ‘New’ mit Ausrufezeichen auf der Seite zu sehen…

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