By Marcus on 31. Mai 2011 — 1 min read

Instead of just being played on a regular PC, the sim will run on a set of VR goggles worn by the soldier, who controls the action with complete body motion control as they stand on a 10×10 foot pad and look around environments in full 3D – part of a system that’s more advanced than anything out today. “Kinect is not there yet, but it is getting closer,” said Floyd West, Director of Strategic Programs, Orlando Division of Intelligent Decisions. Press Release. US-Armee nutzt CryEngine 3 für Militär-Simulation: Die CryEngine ermögliche eine vollimmersive stereoskopische 3D-Umgebung mit fotorealistischen Grafiken, Wind- und Wettereffekten, lobt Intelligent Decisions die deutsche Technik. Ebenso erlaube sie die Darstellung von Mimik, die Angst, Wut und Aggression der Soldaten ausdrückt.

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