By Marcus on 27. September 2011 — 1 min read

Because, the point is that making people cry is a calculated, mechanical process – it’s not the hallmark of good art, it’s not the thing that proves that games are respectable rather that reprobate, it’s just a form of manipulation. I’ve never cried at a painting, I’ve never cried at a sculpture. I’ve never cried at a piece of classical music and I don’t think anyone’s about to leap to their feet and condemn Stravinsky for not being emotionally mature. If the games industry is genuinely concerned about being taken seriously as a creative force – assuming we’re aiming a little bit higher than Armageddon – then the sooner we stop using crying as a some kind of badge of honour, the better.

Margaret Robertsons wise words on the “Can A Videogame Make You Cry-debate. By the way: This speech is from 2006. 

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