By Marcus on 2. Februar 2011 — 1 min read

As far as interpreting it goes? Safe-sex is being promoted as the action that is favorable. What’s intriguing about it is that shooting the condom makes a shooting and reloading sound akin to one you’ll hear in many FPS games, hinting at the fact that you are a someone who possibly has a deadly ‘bullet,’ which in this case would be HIV. Here’s where it gets intriguing to me: the game only ends when the music is finished. Which means, the game does not loop, and the other dancers do not respawn. You are a person who possibly has HIV and you have two options: abstinence, or the abstraction of having sex with someone, but with a condom. As far as safer sex education goes, that’s how I’d prefer to go at it. Which also means there’s no real way to ‘win’ the game. The closest argument to such would be the title: making HIV/AIDS extinct in the year it was first reported. Which begs the question of whether or not the figure you control is Patient Zero—which is a controversial topic, and has theories supporting and negating that particular piece of HIV/AIDS history. However, in retrospect, just because the first reported case was in 1981, does not mean there weren’t earlier cases. The enemy is not the people you are shooting, and is not even visible. Your supposed ‘weapon,’ a fired condom, is then more of a defense mechanism. The other dancers could have HIV. You could have HIV. You are both defending yourself as well as others.

Gay Gamer über H.I.V. Extinction 1981

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